Four Must-Have Design Elements For Creating A Cape Cod-Style Kitchen

If you have been considering remodeling your kitchen and want an airy yet cozy and welcoming result, a Cape Cod-style kitchen design may be right for you. Here are the hallmarks of this class style. Choose An Open Floor Plan Cape Cod vacations homes are all about friends and family getting together and enjoying some relaxing quality time. A kitchen that is open to the dining and living areas area of the home is a key component to a Cap Cod-style kitchen.

Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Remodel Under Budget

A bathroom remodel can freshen up one of the most used rooms of your home: your bathroom. But there are enough things to replace or renovate within a bathroom to keep driving the cost up and up if you're not careful. If you want to keep the total cost of your bathroom remodel within a reasonable range, here are some tips that might help. Don't Move the Pipes One of the most costly parts of a bathroom remodel is reworking to the plumbing.

3 Places To Consider Adding Cabinets To Improve Safety

Most single family homes have cabinets installed in the kitchens and bathrooms, but where else should you add supplemental storage space to make your home safer and more functional? Here are three other places you should think about adding cabinets to improve the safety of your space, and why you won't regret the investment later.   1. Laundry Rooms Laundry areas can look messy fast, especially when you have things like laundry detergent, dryer sheets, bleach tabs, and fabric softener out on display.

Make Your Living Room Look Impressive With Remodeling Projects

When you look at different households, you will find ones in which family members spend the most time in various rooms such as the kitchen, living room, or separate bedrooms. If your family spends many hours in the living room, it makes sense that the space should look impressive and be comfortable. But, you may have moved into the home knowing that the space did not look exciting. Even furnishing and decorating your living room may not have done enough to make it impressive.