What To Know About Six Countertop Materials

Need to decide on a countertop material for your kitchen remodel? You'll likely be picking between one of these six types of materials.  Natural Stone When you hear about natural stone countertop materials, the name refers to stones like soapstone, limestone, granite, and marble. These are materials that must be sourced from the earth, which makes them very unique with their patterns. This adds to the beauty and makes each stone look very unique.

5 Rooms To Remodel, Even If No One Else Sees Them

When many homeowners plan to remodel, they focus on a few large rooms that are the most visible and used by everyone — rooms like the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. But what about the spaces in your home that only you and other household members see? Here are five unexpected choices and why their renovation adds value to your life.  1. Laundry Room The laundry room is a space most people give very little thought to.

The Top Countertop Design Trends To Complete Your Kitchen Remodel

Countertop design trends are the latest fashion in kitchen design. Homeowners are choosing materials for their kitchen countertops that are trendy and sometimes unconventional. There is a large variety of cost-savings and performance-enhancing countertop materials that can be used for kitchen renovation. Keep reading to get some ideas for what can be done with countertops to complete your kitchen remodeling project: Quartz Countertops Quartz counters offer an extensive selection of colors and sizes that lets you choose the look that works best for your home.

Waterproof Your Foundation Before Finishing Your Basement

Remodeled basements are a great way to provide additional living space in your home. However, without basement waterproofing, a dream living area can quickly become a nightmare when there's a drenching storm or a plumbing pipe bursts. Whether you are remodeling your basement for the first time or because you already experienced a flooded basement, it's important to waterproof the basement. That way, all the furniture and electronics won't be damaged in case the basement floods.

Remodeling The Tub In Your Bathroom

The bathtub is likely the centerpiece of your bathroom, and this can make it necessary to remodel the tub to ensure that your bathroom looks and functions its best. When planning a residential tub remodeling project, there are several options that are available to help give you the look that you are wanting for your bathroom. Refinishing The Bathtub For a homeowner who wants to keep the costs for this remodeling work minimal, the option of having the tub refinished can be extremely useful.