5 Ways To Embrace Your Inner Barbie In Your New Kitchen

Americans are embracing their inner Barbie during the summer of 2023 like never before. Do you want to bring a little of that magical aesthetic into your home? The kitchen is a great place to explore what you love about the doll and the movie. Here are a few ways to do it based on your personality and style.

1. Use Subtle Pinks

Bubblegum pink is a tricky color to use in decor. It can be a very controversial choice, especially for future buyers. But you can embrace the Barbie aesthetic in a more subtle way by incorporating softer and more soothing pink hues. Pink comes in a wide range of colors with different undertones. Blush colors with white and gray undertones tend to feel more romantic, for instance. 

2. Create a Focal Point

If you're not ready to drench your kitchen in pink, look for one or two fun focal points to use instead. The range hood or a couple of fun pink appliances can do the trick. Make the island more visually interesting or hang a hot pink pendant lamp. Blended properly into the overall color scheme, focal points add a surprise while still fitting into the overall room design. 

3. Go Mid-Century Modern

Set designers for the hit Barbie movie used mid-century modern home design. You can, too. Mid-century modern decor uses clean lines, minimalism, interesting angles, geometric shapes, and the marriage of the outdoors and indoors. There are many, many ways to apply this throwback style in any kitchen. No pink is even required. 

4. Dial Down the Metals

Barbie's dreamhouse shies away from metallic materials and colors. It can be hard to do the same in a real kitchen, which is usually filled with chrome, steel, and other metal finishes. But today's homeowners will find plenty of softer options like ceramic sinks, hidden appliances, and faux finishes when metal is necessary. 

5. Don't Forget Other Colors

While pink is the color most associated with all things Barbie, it's not the only shade that fills the doll's world. Non-pink pastels like soft blues or greens or a nice, sunny yellow can evoke the right vibe without making the kitchen feel saccharine. 

Where to Get Help

Finding the right balance between Barbie's world and the real world is a challenge. Get help from a professional home remodeling service in your area today. By drawing on their expertise, you'll soon find the perfect combination for you. 

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