Additions To Consider For Your Remodel

If you purchased your starter home as a young family, and your family has since grown, you'll be ready for a larger home. However, you may have an attachment to your home. Plus, you might not want to move now that you're established in the area, your kids have friends, they like their school, and you've grown to love the community. You can remedy the situation by adding to your home. In this article, you can read about some ways you can add to your home that help it become one that better suits your family now: 

You Can Add Bedrooms 

A common addition done in starter homes is for one or more bedrooms to be added. If you're planning on adding one bedroom now, ask yourself if you plan to have more children in the future. If so, adding two bedrooms will cost you less and be easier to do during one remodel. You can even get creative with the bedroom addition, so the bedrooms best suit your family's needs. 

You Can Have a Family Room Installed  

Your home may become chaotic during certain times of the day because everyone wants to use the living room for something different. One of your children may want to watch a show while another has friends over. Someone else might enjoy reading in their favorite chair, also in the living room. If this sounds like what happens in your home, you might want to add a family room during a remodel. 

You Can Transform the Basement 

Adding more living space to your home can be easier if you have an unfinished basement. The basement can become a great addition to your home, and it's already there. During the remodel, you can have it turned into a small living space with its own bathroom and kitchenette. Or, you can have it turned into the perfect crafting space, so you can enjoy crafting without needing to put everything away mid-project. Another way you can use the basement is to turn it into an entertainment and gaming room. This gives some family members a place to play and hang out while freeing up the living room for others. 


Consider the needs of your family and what would be the best way for you to meet those needs. Then, you can work with the contractor to build the additions that'll work best for your family. 

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