4 Ways To Maximize Functionality When Adding A Kitchen Island

A standard kitchen can provide ample functionality through its storage space, features, and qualities. However, your kitchen may have extra space, especially around the middle, which may encourage you to start putting together plans for a custom island. Hiring kitchen remodelers and being strategic with its design will help you maximize the island's functionality.


When adding an island to an existing kitchen, you will likely already have a cooktop. However, a change worth considering is moving the cooktop from its existing location to the island.

This adjustment is beneficial because it will improve the experience for the person cooking and anyone else in the room. An island cooktop means you can look towards the island seating area and the rest of the home while cooking a meal, making it simple and easy to socialize.

Although a simple change, you will appreciate the ability to talk with family and guests and look at them while also paying close attention to cooking.


Getting extra storage in your kitchen is almost always beneficial. A fantastic part about adding storage from an island is how customized you can get with the setup. For instance, you can add open shelves, cabinets, and drawers to accommodate different storage needs. Open shelves are perfect for putting away pots and pans that you may not want to store inside cabinetry.


The side that the countertop, sink, and appliances are on is where you may spend most of your time on the island. So, you will find that the opposite side is optimal for seating, so your family and guests can sit down and eat, socialize, or both while you are cooking and preparing food.

An excellent design choice is to add a curve to the seating area to ensure that people on each end face each other to at least some degree. This slight angle makes socializing easier for these people, thus making a better social experience for everyone inside the kitchen.


While you may replace the existing cooktop to put one on the island, you can just add a second sink. Keeping the original sink makes it possible to give each one a dedicated purpose. When you add a cooktop on the island, you can put a sink nearby to help with food prep and cooking. This sink will be in a perfect location to use exclusively for cooking instead of cleaning.

Build a custom island and follow these tips to enjoy maximum functionality. To learn more about building a custom island, contact a company that has services like kitchen remodeling.