What To Do About Sliding Glass Doors When Doing A Whole-House Window Replacement Project

Sliding glass patio doors have always been very popular with builders because they are a great use of wall space. However, if you are replacing all of the windows in your home and hate the existing sliding glass door, you will be pleased to learn you have many choices.

Popular alternatives to sliding glass doors include the following: 

Exterior Accordion Glass Doors

Popular in modern-style homes, glass exterior accordion doors are used to create a movable wall of glass.

Instead of sliding on a track and having a fixed glass panel like a sliding glass door, exterior accordion doors fold back on themselves after they have been opened. This allows you to create a wall of glass that can be opened and moved out of the way. 

Exterior accordion doors are sold and many different configurations and sizes, allowing you to just replace the sliding glass door itself or turn the entire wall into a complete wall of glass.

For example, if you have an amazing view from your home, then you can install glass accordion doors with thin frames to create a large wall of glass that looks like a giant window. By opting for skinny metal frames, the frame disappears from view when the doors are closed.

Alternatively, if you want to only replace a single sliding glass door while adding a hint of design style, you can use glass exterior bi-fold doors with thick black frames or multiple panels to give that added architectural style when the doors are closed while retaining the ability to open them up entirely.

French Doors

There is nothing like replacing bold sliding glass doors with French doors for an understated, elegant, or simple design. The glass panels of French doors allow you to see outside just like you would through a sliding glass door but give you added security not found with sliding glass doors.

Just as with the other windows you are replacing in your home, you can purchase French doors with double-glazed glass that are very energy efficient and provide good insulation. This gives you the look you're trying to achieve while saving you money on your heating and cooling bills.

A Final Note

Finally, since everyone's home is different, you must work with your remodeling contractor to find the best replacement windows and doors. Your remodeling contractor may have some unique options for your house you hadn't considered.

To find out more, contact window replacement services.