The Pros And Cons Of Single And Double Entry Doors

Should you have single or double doors in your home? While single doors are a standard for good reasons, homeowners have many other great reasons to opt for double doors. Here are a few things you might consider.  

The Pros and Cons of Single Doors

Exterior single doors are the least expensive option in most situations. They're readily available in a wide array of varieties and you'll need less material. In addition, many houses are already designed with a single door in mind, so you may need to do less renovation work to replace or update an existing one.

Depending on the way they're designed and installed, single doors may also be more secure than double doors. The central meeting point and reduced framing attachments for double doors can be less sturdy than a traditional door on traditional frames. 

Each homeowner, though, must take into consideration the scale of their home's exterior elements. In a large (including a multistory) home or one with ornate architectural features, a single entry door can get lost and look underwhelming. This area should be a centerpiece for the front yard, so it needs to fit the space both in style and scale. 

The Pros and Cons of Double Doors

Although double doors aren't usually necessary for residential houses, they do add a great deal of aesthetics to both the exterior and the entry area. Double doors are wide and inviting. They often feel more formal and luxurious. And the additional open space helps bring in more light to the public-facing rooms where visitors arrive. It can be an easy way to provide a makeover to the exterior and boost curb appeal. 

Along with the additional expense of the wider doors, though, it's often more challenging to fit a double entry door into floor plans for many modest homes. Foyers and entryways are not always large enough to comfortably support a double door, so you may need to rethink the entire front public area floor plan if you want to add one. 

Where to Start

Do the pros of a single or double door outweigh the cons in your case? Are you unsure and want a second opinion? Make the best decision by consulting with a skilled residential remodeling contractor in your area today. With their recommendations and expertise, you'll soon have a great door that provides a finishing touch to your home's entry. 

Contact a local contractor to learn more about door installation.