5 Reasons To Consider Kitchen Granite Countertop Installation For Your Dream Home

What comes to your mind when you think of your dream kitchen? For most people, it's the idea of a luxurious and sophisticated space where they can make meals and spend quality time with their loved ones. One sure way to give your dream kitchen that desired look and feel is to install granite countertops. Below are five reasons why you should consider installing kitchen granite countertops.

1. Easy to Maintain

As long as your granite countertop has proper sealing, it will resist bacteria and staining. In case of spills, you'll just need to wipe them away as soon as they occur, and the counter surface can remain stain-free for decades.  

Also, cleaning a granite countertop is super easy as you only need water, soap, and a soft cloth. You can also purchase specialized granite cleaners if you want exceptional cleaning results. You just have to ensure the cleaner you buy is suitable for your countertop.

2. Heat Resistant

Since the kitchen is a space that deals with hot pans and pots, you want a countertop material that cannot be easily ruined by heat. Thankfully, granite is formed through pressure and heat, which allows it to resist heat well. You can place your hot pot on the counter surface without worrying about heat damage. 

3. Durable

Did you know that granite is second only to diamond when it comes to hardness? When you install a kitchen granite countertop, you get a rock-hard material that can resist chips, scratches, and cracks.

But even if a sharp object hits the granite counter to cause a chip or a scratch, you don't need to worry. Professional remodeling contractors can repair such issues to get your countertop to its original condition.

4. Boosts Your Home's Value

A granite countertop increases your home's value by as much as 25 percent of its retail value. Therefore, you'll be able to recoup some money spent on kitchen granite counter installation if you sell your home. Besides, if your kitchen has granite countertops, potential buyers interpret that to mean you have invested in your home. You may be able to close a sale faster or even negotiate for a higher price.

5. Unique

If you're looking for a unique countertop material that can impress your visitors, you cannot go wrong with granite. No two pieces of granite are precisely the same. And, while you may come across granite slabs with similar colors, a closer look will show you they vary in patterns, darkness, or lightness. 

For more information about granite countertops, contact a local remodeling contractor.