Three Ways To Upgrade A Spare Bedroom

In a lot of homes, the look of the spare bedroom isn't a priority. For example, if you seldom have overnight guests, you may not feel much interest in improving this room. Various circumstances, however, can mean that you expect to soon have frequent overnight guests. For example, if a family member moves away from your area but will be visiting you several times each year, you may feel an urgency to revamp the spare bedroom. Contact a local home remodeling contractor to discuss your plans. There are all sorts of ways to upgrade this part of your home, including through the following projects.

Larger Window

If your spare bedroom has a dark and uninviting feel to it, there are a few options for you to consider. While fresh paint and upgraded lighting fixtures can help, you may wish to also consider increasing the size of the window. Take stock of the current window's size and discuss your options with your contractor. Your contractor can easily remove the current window, cut a larger hole in the wall, and then install a new window. You'll immediately notice a brighter, more inviting feel in this part of your home.

Hardwood Flooring

A lot of spare bedrooms have carpet, and while there are advantages to this flooring type, you may wish to choose a different option. Hardwood often has more of a luxurious appearance than carpet, but it's also more functional in rooms that get lots of usage. If your family member may occasionally be drinking or eating snacks in this room, a spill on the carpet can make a mess that is difficult to clean. Cleaning spills on hardwood, meanwhile, is much simpler. Adding hardwood to a spare bedroom may be more affordable than you realize, as you won't need a lot of material and your contractor can complete the job quickly.

Larger Closet

If you expect that family members will frequently use your spare bedroom for several nights a year, you may want to consider providing more storage space. This can especially be valuable during lengthy visits. A remodeling contractor can assess the room and come up with a plan to increase the size of the closet. Doing so will allow your overnight guests to hang up their clothing rather than leave it in their suitcases where it will get wrinkled. Reach out to a contractor in your area to discuss these and other changes to your spare bedroom or other home remodel services.