4 Ways To Do An Amazing Residential Kitchen Remodel

Residential kitchen remodeling work is one of the most commonly contracted types of projects. If you're exploring the idea of renovating your home's cooking space, you probably also will want to achieve the most amazing results possible. Consider the following four bits of advice before you start your project.

Identify and Solve Practical Issues

Especially if you're having a hard time finding a beginning point for your residential kitchen remodel, get practical. Go through the kitchen and look at the issues that are dangerous, annoying, or otherwise inconvenient. If there is limited storage space, for example, look at how you might add a pantry and cupboards.

Think about the problems that will be easiest to deal with while you have the kitchen torn down. Replacing the water lines, for example, is a good idea. Even if the existing ones are in decent shape, adopting a more modern water line system can prevent leaks in the long run. Likewise, modern flexible water lines will make it easier to renovate the kitchen because you can work your way around tough spaces.

Embrace Efficiency

Look at efficiency from a lot of angles. For example, low-flow and aerated faucets can minimize water waste. You also can add low-power LED lights to improve electrical efficiency. Many people replace their kitchen appliances during remodels, too, so this is a good time to look at high-efficiency options.

You also don't want to overlook windows during residential kitchen remodeling. Modern windows generally are more energy-efficient, leading to less loss of heat on cold days and less loss of cool A/C on warm ones. You also can go with bigger and better-positioned windows to let in more natural light.

Adopt a Style

While you don't have to stick to one style relentlessly, visual consistency matters. If you're looking for a sleek kitchen, it's probably better to operate in the modernist or contemporary lane. Someone who wants earthy tones in a kitchen may want to lean toward a rustic or Mediterranean style.

Look at examples of different styles online. Make a few notes about which ones intrigue you the most. Meet with a residential kitchen remodel contractor and ask for their input, too.


Your budget will tell you a lot of what's possible. Also, once you try to make a budget work, you'll start figuring out which trade-offs are desirable. You might elect to use quartz countertops versus quarried stone, for example. Allow your budget to guide you to some of these answers.

To learn more about residential kitchen remodeling, consult with a contractor near you.