Ways To Keep Costs Down When Designing Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Buying custom kitchen cabinets does, in general, cost more than purchasing pre-made cabinets from a home improvement store. However, custom cabinets remain the best option to ensure your cabinets end up functional, well-fitted, and suited to your personal taste. If you do want to keep costs down, there are ways to do it. Here are a few key ways to keep costs manageable when working with a cabinet maker to design your custom cabinets.

Consider MDF cabinet boxes

Cabinet boxes are traditionally made from plywood. But these days, some cabinet makers are beginning to make them with a material called MDF instead. MDF, or medium-density fiberboard, is stronger than plywood and costs less. It can also be easier for your cabinet maker to cut, which helps you save on labor. You may initially want to avoid MDF since the idea of non-wood cabinets may not sound appealing. But here's the thing: you barely see the cabinet boxes. If you get real wood doors on your custom cabinets, nobody will notice that your boxes are made from MDF. If you can find a cabinet maker who offers MDF cabinet boxes, this is a good way to save without impacting the appearance of your cabinets.

Choose simple hardware

Cabinet hardware can be surprisingly expensive! Definitely don't choose hardware without looking at the prices, first. You'll generally find that simple hardware, such as smooth nickel handles, costs a lot less than more intricate hardware. Make sure you buy something durable but don't go overboard with the detail. You can add detail to your kitchen elsewhere, such as with hand towels or some extra wall decor.

Select flat-panel doors

These days, there are so many different cabinet door styles to choose from! Square inset doors, Shaker-style doors, arched doors, and decorative panel doors are all popular. But flat panel doors are also considered quite stylish. They have a modern look, but you could integrate them into a transitional kitchen, too. Flat-panel doors are much, much simpler for cabinets makers to create than other door styles, which means they typically cost significantly less than other door styles. Unless you have a good reason to choose a different door style, flat-panel doors are your best budget-friendly choice.

With flat-panel doors, simple hardware, and MDF boxes, you can buy custom cabinets more affordably. You should still end up with beautiful, custom cabinets that you love. Talk to remodeling contractors for more information.