The Benefits Sunroom Additions Can Provide: Adding Glass And Light To Your Home

There are several major reasons why you should think about adding a glass sunroom to your home. A sunroom might be an option to consider if you want to add value to your home with your home improvement investments. Sunroom additions can be projects that do a lot more than just add value and space to your home, and here's some information that you might want to know before getting started.

Make the Most Out of Natural Light

If you are considering a sunroom addition to add more natural light, there is some planning that you want to do. The sunroom alone might not be enough to get the light your want for your home. Therefore, other improvements can be made with the addition to get the natural light you want for your home.



First, consider options like an open concept design. If you are doing an addition that is conventional framing and matches the design of your home, exterior walls can be removed. This can open up the sunroom area to the main living space of your home—allowing more natural light to come in. It also gives you more usable space for the main living area of your home.

Second, consider adding more windows to the area where you are adding a sunroom addition. This can allow more light in where you need it. The windows you have installed can even be installed inside the sunroom area as a functional design element.

Lastly, you can use sliding doors to open up the space to your sunroom area and allow more natural light in. This might be a great option if you still want to be able to close the sunroom off to the main living space in your home. You can even use folding doors that allow you to open or close sections of walls or glass to create an open space when you want or close it for privacy when you need it.

Energy-Efficient Benefits Every Season

A sunroom addition can do more than add natural light and value to your home. Sunrooms and the additional sunlight they bring in are energy efficient. Adding on a sunroom to your home will increase insulation and reduce drafts and lower your utility bills.

A sunroom addition is beneficial in any season. In the summer, the sunroom addition will provide a refreshing, cool breeze, while the glass walls will let in plenty of sunlight. In the winter, the sunroom addition will provide warmth. The low-E glass minimizes heat gain from the sun in the summer, reducing your home's reliance on air conditioning. In winter, the glass walls will minimize heat loss.

Sunroom Addition Design Options

There is a seemingly infinite number of sunroom additions available. However, there are probably only three basic types:

  • A solid glass room—The glass is tempered and insulated and is a low-E, insulated glass. It is permanently sealed around the edges of the room to prevent water infiltration.
  • A room with a Mylar roof—This is a sunroom addition where the roof is translucent. Mylar is a common name for plastic sheet material. Its name comes from its manufacturing process, in which a sheet of Mylar is heated and then stretched, stretching the plastic and making the sheet translucent.
  • A room with a retractable roof—This is similar to a Mylar room, but the roof is replaced with a retractable roof. The roof is made of insulated glass and is permanently sealed around the edges to prevent water infiltration.

In addition, you can also have a custom-built sunroom addition that has wood framing like the rest of your home and a roof that is integrated into the existing structure.

Adding a sunroom to your home is much more than just an addition—it is a space that will benefit your home. Contact a sunroom addition service to discuss these options for your home.