What To Know About Six Countertop Materials

Need to decide on a countertop material for your kitchen remodel? You'll likely be picking between one of these six types of materials. 

Natural Stone

When you hear about natural stone countertop materials, the name refers to stones like soapstone, limestone, granite, and marble. These are materials that must be sourced from the earth, which makes them very unique with their patterns. This adds to the beauty and makes each stone look very unique. 

Engineered Stone

What makes an engineered stone countertop unique is that a resin is mixed with natural stone so that the material becomes incredibly durable. Quartz is one of these materials that is commonly thought of when referring to engineered stone. What makes a material like quartz different from a natural stone countertop material is that quartz is non-porous. You won't have to worry about liquids seeping into the material because the resin prevents that from happening

Butcher Block 

A butcher block countertop is essentially a very large piece of wood. There are various ways to cut the wood with how the grain shows, such as edge grain or face grain. It's really a personal preference for what kind of grain you want to be shown on the countertop. Wood butcher block countertops can be made with various types of wood. You can use walnut, bamboo, hard maple, or birch, for example. It really depends on what you want the countertop to look like. 


A metal countertop had an industrial and modern look. It's not for everyone since it needs to match the existing decor of your home to really fit in. Metal is going to be easy to maintain and is a non-porous material. It won't rust or burn either, so you can put hot pans on the surface and not worry about causing damage. 


A new trend in kitchen countertops is concrete. Concrete can actually be quite beautiful, with there being plenty of color and style options to pick from. Concrete is going to be a very durable material with it being difficult to scratch, but it does require regular sealing to prevent it from staining. 


Corian is a poured material, which makes it an excellent choice for a kitchen countertop. It allows you to create a seamless surface where the sink is built into the countertop, so there is no lip or edge around the sink where dirt can get stuck. It doesn't require sealing, and it can become damaged from extreme heat. 

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