5 Rooms To Remodel, Even If No One Else Sees Them

When many homeowners plan to remodel, they focus on a few large rooms that are the most visible and used by everyone — rooms like the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. But what about the spaces in your home that only you and other household members see? Here are five unexpected choices and why their renovation adds value to your life. 

1. Laundry Room

The laundry room is a space most people give very little thought to. However, it can be a well-used and highly practical space that makes your life easier, even if no one else ever sets foot in it. Even the most modest laundry room can often include additional space to work, room to hang items, a sink, and storage. You might even consider the modern trend of adding an extra laundry room upstairs. 

2. Pantry

How efficient and comfortable is your food storage area? Could you use more space? Do you find it hard to organize and utilize? Or do you not even have a proper pantry to begin with? Food storage makeovers can be very cost-effective on a budget, but they help the kitchen tremendously. If you have an older home with insufficient pantry space or want to add modern organization tools, this is a perfect focused remodel project. 

3. Rear Entry

While guests may rarely come and go from the rear entrance, it should be a workhorse area for the family. The back entry may be rethought to include things like space to remove or don outdoor clothing, store outdoor gear, a sink, and clean off gardening or other outdoor tools, a pet washing area, and storage for outdoor entertainment equipment. When properly designed, the back entryway can fill many purposes. 

4. Master Closet

You may never have anyone else in your master bedroom closet, but it should still be a modern and enjoyable space for you and your partner. Your closet is a personal space and should reflect your style and interests. This is a renovation that doesn't have to take into consideration anyone else but the one or two people who use it. Have fun and be creative with the customization. 

5. Home Office

Many Americans who now use a home office had to convert one quickly from whatever portion of the house they could spare. If you find yourself still using a hastily set-up office, take the time to rethink its design, layout, furnishings, and efficiency. Because you spend so much of your day in this area, it needs to provide you with what you need to be productive and comfortable. 

Where to Start

Want more ideas for renovating unexpected spaces in your house? Start by consulting with an experienced remodeling contractor who specializes in interior design today.