3 Things You Should Know About Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling a bathroom is great, except for all of the decisions you have to make while doing the remodel. There are an awful lot of decisions and choices to make, but if you take it one step at a time, the remodeling process will go smoothly. To help you make decisions, you should know a few things first. Read on for helpful information to guide you during your remodeling process.

1. Consider Your Needs

Consider your own personal needs for this bathroom. Is it your bathroom suite that attaches to your master bathroom, is it your child's bathroom, is it a guest bathroom, or is it the main bathroom such as the powder room? All of these needs should be considered. If it's going to be used a lot, you want it to be beautiful but functional as well. You want space to put things on the counter if it's more than just a powder room. You'll want space for your belongings if it is your own personal bathroom, especially if it's a master bathroom — you may want more than one sink if possible. Consider your own needs, and the function of the bathroom itself when remodeling.

2. Consider The Resale

While you want your own personal needs to be met, you should also consider the resale value you are putting into the bathroom. Don't go over the top if the resale value isn't going to pay you in return. If adding granite countertops isn't going to give you much, go with a cheaper countertop material. If adding a bathtub over just a shower will help the sale of your home someday, you may want to consider this addition.

3. Consider The Future

Not only should you consider the resale of your home, but you should also consider growing old in your home. You may want a walk-in shower or tub, as it will help you in your older years. Consider adding rails to your shower or bathtub or make the bathroom easier to navigate. Don't make your bathtub or shower a walk-up, as in having steps to get into; consider your future self and how difficult this may be for you later down the road.

These are just a few things you should know before you remodel your bathroom and things to consider while making decisions. Talk to your bathroom remodeling company for more help during this process.