Four Must-Have Design Elements For Creating A Cape Cod-Style Kitchen

If you have been considering remodeling your kitchen and want an airy yet cozy and welcoming result, a Cape Cod-style kitchen design may be right for you. Here are the hallmarks of this class style.

Choose An Open Floor Plan

Cape Cod vacations homes are all about friends and family getting together and enjoying some relaxing quality time. A kitchen that is open to the dining and living areas area of the home is a key component to a Cap Cod-style kitchen. Older homes usually have rooms that are quite closed off from one another. Opening up the space will likely require removing at least one wall, and if the wall removed is load-bearing, your remodeling contractor will need to consult a structural engineer for adding a new beam to add the needed support.

An open floor plan will ensure the cook isn't stuck in a back room, separated from the rest of the clan. A giant kitchen island or an extended u-shaped kitchen with bar stools will guarantee there is plenty of room for everyone to gather.

Choose The Right Kitchen Cabinets

Classic Cape Cod-style kitchens have white cabinetry, so you'll want to be sure whichever cabinets you choose end up with a coat of white, glossy paint. While the specific style of cabinets has a bit more leeway for personal preference, a combination of solid doors mixed with glass-front doors with mullions on upper wall cabinets should be used. Open shelving is another option, which will provide an area to display a nautical-themed collection or your best and prettiest dishes. This custom cabinetry combination will go a long way in recreating an authentic Cape Cod kitchen.

Choose The Right Countertops

In New England, soapstone is a popular choice for kitchen counters. They are heat-resistant and they won't stain like granite and marble can. Butcher block wood cabinets are also a popular choice, and as an added bonus, they are an inexpensive choice in comparison to others. As with the custom cabinetry, mixing your countertop choices is a great way to incorporate a Cape Cod feel. For example, soapstone countertops would look great on the cabinetry while butcher block could be used on the island.

Choose The Right Colors

Cape Cod-style kitchens evoke the sea, sun, and sand. For your walls and accent colors, choose colors that mimic this and bring the outdoors in. Shades of blue, peach, and tan will create a soft backdrop for your bright whiter kitchen cabinets.