3 Places To Consider Adding Cabinets To Improve Safety

Most single family homes have cabinets installed in the kitchens and bathrooms, but where else should you add supplemental storage space to make your home safer and more functional? Here are three other places you should think about adding cabinets to improve the safety of your space, and why you won't regret the investment later.  

1. Laundry Rooms Laundry areas can look messy fast, especially when you have things like laundry detergent, dryer sheets, bleach tabs, and fabric softener out on display. In addition to attracting dust and lint, laundry rooms can also become breeding grounds for messes, while also posing health risks to small children.  

Since kids are naturally curious about bright, highly-scented products, it can be dangerous to have things like laundry soap packs out. However, by adding cabinets to your laundry area, you can keep those highly concentrated cleaners under lock and key, while keeping the entire area clean and organized. 

Consider adding cabinets over your washer and dryer, and don't hesitate to ask your contractor to incorporate a small lock or childproofing mechanism to keep curious kids from touching products that could cause them harm. 

2. Garages Like laundry rooms, garages can be filled with items that could harm children or pets, especially if you do a lot of yard work or crafting. Seemingly innocent items like antifreeze, fertilizer, and gas for your mower can be incredibly dangerous for kids, so consider adding a row of cabinets and cupboards to your garage area. 

While non-locking cabinets are perfect for non-dangerous things that you'd rather keep out of sight, locking cabinets are ideal for sharp garden and woodworking tools, chemicals, and pesticides. 

After you use your garage, make sure all protected cabinets are properly closed and locked. If your children help with things like yard work, try to give them jobs that don't involve using tools or chemicals that could pose risks.  

3. Walk-In Pantries Although pantry spaces may seem like a relatively safe place if you have children with food allergies or small kids who are prone to choking, keeping certain foods under lock and key is a great idea. 

Have walk-in pantries fitted with additional cabinets to keep kids out of foods that could hurt them. Consider posting a list of your child's food allergies to make it easier for friends and relatives who may help unpack groceries to sort items in the pantry.  

Although adding cabinets to a space may seem simple, it is always a good idea to work with contractors to have those fixtures secured to permanent studs. In addition to preventing damage, ensuring cabinets are properly mounted improves the aesthetics of the addition and protects your family members from accidents like falling items. Talk with a cabinet installation service today for more information.