Remodeling A Small Kitchen? 3 Tips To Make The Space Feel Bigger

Remodeling a small kitchen can be a great decision when you've found it difficult to cook at home due to the space feeling confining. If you're frustrated with how small the kitchen feels, there are several remodeling projects that you can work on to help make your kitchen feel much larger.

If you're unsure of which projects to start with, consider some of the following tips and how they will be able to make a difference in the look and functionality of your kitchen.

Look for Small Footprint Appliances

If you're interested in replacing some of the appliances in your kitchen, you may be thinking about exactly what kinds of appliances would be the best fit. Whether you're interested in replacing the refrigerator, stove, or dishwasher, it's a good idea to consider just how much of a physical footprint they can take up. Instead of letting this be an issue in your kitchen, you can remodel the space so that it feels larger by having the appliances replaced with some smaller fixtures.

By taking up less room in the kitchen with the appliances, you'll be able to make the kitchen feel larger and allow for the space to be customized as you would like.

Prioritize More Storage Solutions

If you're worried that your kitchen is starting to feel cramped due to the smaller space, it's best to focus on having new storage solutions set up. When the kitchen is lacking in cabinets or shelving space, it's easy for the kitchen to quickly feel cluttered and difficult to keep clean. An easy way to keep this from happening is to have new storage solutions set up when remodeling the kitchen.

With the right storage suited for the size of the kitchen, you'll be able to make the kitchen feel much larger and keep the space feeling organized.

Keep the Kitchen Feeling Bright

Kitchens with limited square footage can quickly feel closed in when dark colors are used, making it important to choose any new colors carefully. Sticking with bright colors and having new light fixtures installed can make the kitchen feel much roomier and help avoid it feeling any more closed in. New lighting can brighten up the space as well, helping it feel larger and avoiding the space from being too closed in.

When you're just beginning to work on remodeling a kitchen that's on the smaller size, it's so important for you to be careful to choose projects that will help expand the space. When you don't have the money to knock down walls or physically expand the kitchen, the above tips can help make it feel much larger. For more information, contact a company such as AWS Remodeling and Design today.