Insanely Creative Home Remodeling Ideas To Help You Maximize Space

Owning a home is something many Americans still want. In fact, studies show that 84 percent of Americans still believe homeownership is a worthy investment. However, many people feel concerned about the cost of owning a home. Therefore, buyers tend to purchase homes that may lack certain features they want, such as storage or floor space.

Fortunately, owning your home gives you the time to work on your home little by little. You can remodel it as you see fit until you have the features you want. In fact, there are some pretty creative home remodeling ideas that can help you maximize your current living space.

Use Nooks and Crannies to Create More Storage

Homes often have little nooks and crannies that are nothing more than empty, wasted space. You can turn those areas into storage spots for additional belongings. For instance, if you live in a two-story home, you can use the space under your stairs for additional storage.

Are you the kind of person that dreamed of owning a home with a library? Is your two-story home far too small for that? Not necessarily. You can build an expansive bookshelf under your staircase. While it might not be the library you dreamed of, it can give you plenty of space for tons of books.

Another idea is to create a cozy area under your steps where you can relax and read or where your children can play. More recently, some pet owners seem to like the idea of installing a private pet bed under their stairs. One other consideration is the installation of drawers and closets under the staircase so you can have a place to store additional items.

Make Use of Baseboard Areas

Is your kitchen a bit smaller than you'd like? Do you wish you had more drawer space for sheet pans and cooking trays? Thankfully, you do have that space; you just haven't put it to use yet. Remove the baseboards from under your kitchen cabinets. Attempt to save the boards if you can.

Install drawers where the baseboards were and then cut the baseboard to the length of each drawer and reattach them. Now you have cleverly hidden drawers under your cabinets, which gives you more room for pans and other smaller cooking items you might have.

Say Goodbye to Traditional Doors

No one ever said you had to have traditional doors in your home. If you need more shelf space, you can remove traditional doors and replace them with bookshelves on hinges. The idea might sound strange, but it can create the effect of a "hidden room," which adds an element of surprise and mystery to your home. It also helps you maximize your space for additional storage.

Create More Rooms Out of Dead Space

Many homes have what is called "dead space." Dead space is an area of your home that goes unused but offers the potential to create more floor space or additional rooms. For instance, if you have high ceilings in your home, consider turning that dead space into an extra room, loft, or play area for children.

In some two-story homes, you will find that the foyer has a higher ceiling so the upstairs area looks down on the entryway. Expand the upper level so it extends above the door rather than having an open area. Depending on the size of the space, it could make the perfect reading nook, play area, or spare bedroom.

There are so many clever ways you can turn your home into the dream you always wanted it to be. There is no need to stress or even consider the expense of selling and relocating to a new home. Instead, work a little at a time to maximize your current home's potential using some unique remodeling ideas. Contact a professional near you for assistance with your interior remodeling project.