3 Kitchen Remodeling Suggestions For Those Who Are Aging In Place

If you've got a senior parent or other loved one who is considering the advantages of aging in place rather than entering a retirement community, you'll be glad to know that this approach is gaining in popularity for some very good reasons. Today's seniors are living longer, more productive, and generally happier lives than their historical counterparts. Many of them truly thrive as they remain in their own neighborhoods and communities instead of going away to live among strangers. However, as people age, their abilities and needs often change drastically, and the average home may need some remodeling before it's a safe environment for a senior to age in place. 

You probably already know, for instance, that the front steps may need some re-adjusting in order to be completely safe for your senior, and that throw rugs on the floor are not usually the best idea because of the potential for slip-and-fall accidents. Many people don't realize, however, that the kitchen can be one of the most dangerous spots in the home for senior citizens. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make this room much safer. Following are three of them. 

Have Bright, Direct Overhead Lighting Installed

Bright lighting installed directly above work areas such as countertops, ranges, and sinks cuts down significantly on kitchen mishaps -- but only if surfaces are anti-glare. Many seniors have vision issues that make it particularly difficult for them to handle glare, so be sure to use anti-glare material on countertops and flooring to minimize mishaps. 

Have Countertop-Level Appliances Installed

Many seniors struggle with tasks such as bending down to take things out of the oven or put them in or unload and load dishwashers. Consider dedicating a wall in the kitchen to a row of countertop-level appliances so your senior doesn't have to bend and reach in order to use them. This is particularly important for those with balance issues. 

Have Senior-Friendly Cabinets Installed

Having pull-out shelving installed in cabinets eliminates the need to bend over to access the back of the cabinet. You can also use lazy Susans to make items easier to reach, and having cabinets made with rounded corners cuts down on the possibility of your senior being accidentally injured by bumping into sharp edges. Eliminate all high cabinets if possible, and have the main cabinets installed at countertop level. If available space is in short supply and you need upper cabinets, have pull-down shelves installed in them to make things easier for your senior. 

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