3 Situations When Water Damage Should Not Be Treated As A DIY Cleanup Task

Perhaps you had a leaking plumbing fixture that you disregarded for a while, or maybe there was a leak in your roof that you just now discovered after a long period of time. Most handy homeowners will find water damage and the culprit, and then try to fix the issue on their own. Unfortunately, some water damage issues turn out to be much more problematic and intense than what a homeowner expects. Before you roll up your sleeves and get to work on water damage in your home, take a look at these three situations when it is better to leave the repairs to a professional. 

The water damage went unnoticed for a long time. 

If you are just now discovering water damage, but it is obvious there has been an issue with water leaking for a long time, it is usually best to bring in professional help. The longer a water leak is left uncaught, the more widespread the damage will become. For example, if you had a leaking plumbing pipe allowing water to spray onto the floor from under your house for a long time, there is a high likelihood that the damage is fairly widespread. Therefore, the damage can be harder to contend with. 

The water damage is on an upper level of your home. 

Water damage to the upper floor of your home is bound to have leaked its way down into the lower areas. If you had a leaking toilet in an upstairs bathroom, chances are the water will not only have left behind damage on the upstairs floor, but also down into the rafters and ceiling of the floor below. These situations can involve intense renovation processes that are best handled by a professional water damage contractor. If the upper-level water damage seems only minimal, it may not always reflect what is hiding out in the layers of structural materials underneath. 

The water damage has obviously caused mold buildup. 

If there is one problem you do not want to tackle on your own, it is mold. Mold can be especially dangerous if it has been lingering for a while. It is linked to respiratory issues, allergic reactions, and a whole list of other health problems. Not to mention, if the mold is not handled properly, it can spread mold spores throughout your home so that you will have an even bigger problem to contend with. For more information, contact companies like Kiser  Construction Inc.