Reasons To Consider An Open Bathroom Vanity

Changing your bathroom vanity is a simple way to dramatically alter the look of this part of your home. This isn't a job that you'll want to perform yourself, as you'll need to do some plumbing. Instead, hire a remodeling contractor who can turn your vision into a reality. When you're considering different vanities, you may wish to think about an open-style one. Instead of having doors and side panels, this type of vanity commonly consists of the countertop, one or two shelves below, and some posts on the sides to keep the structure together. An open vanity serves as an enticing alternative to a traditional closed one, and offers these advantages.

Easier In Small Spaces

Regardless of the size of the vanity itself, an open bathroom vanity is better in small and tight spaces than a closed one. The issue with the latter style is its doors. Whenever you need to retrieve something, you need to open one or both doors, which means that they'll swing out into the room. As a result, you need to step back — which can sometimes be awkward in a small bathroom or if you're sharing the bathroom with someone else. With an open vanity, you can reach down and grab what you need without fussing over the doors.

Allows For Creative Decorating

If you enjoy decorating, an open vanity gives you the opportunity to augment the look of the bathroom by how you set up your items on the shelves. Imagine rolling up some white bath towels and hand towels, and placing them end-on on one of the vanity's shelves. This may give the area a spa-like appearance, which can be highly relaxing. You may wish to also set up some simple toiletries in glass bottles, or even add a robust plant to one of these shelves.

Suits An Industrial Look

If you like an industrial design sense, an open vanity can be the right choice for you. In this setup, the sink's pipes are exposed, which can appeal to many people. Those who enjoy an industrial look may also use plumbing pipes for shelves, and the presence of the pipes that are visible through the open vanity pair up well with this design sense. An open vanity gives you lots of flexibility in terms of functionality and design, making it ideal for many people to consider in advance of a bathroom renovation.