Three Unique Siding Options To Give Your Home A New Look

Whether your siding is old and worn or you simply want to give your home a new look, your remodeling contractor can add beautiful new siding to update your house. Instead of choosing traditional vinyl siding, consider what a unique siding design can do to transform your home. Use the following ideas to inspire you as you shop for new siding.

Log Cabin

For a decidedly rustic, country look, consider log cabin-inspired siding. This type of siding offers the texture and look of wood logs without the maintenance. Constructed from vinyl or other durable materials, log cabin-style siding can better resist warping, discoloration from the sun, and damage from termites. Choose from an assortment of wood finish options, and work with your contractor to add a few finishing touches, such as wood log columns for your porch, to make your cabin home complete.

Stone Walls

Stone-style siding can give your home a castle or mansion look without actually having to install stone on the facade. As with log cabin siding, this type of siding offers a texture as well as design that creates a realistic look on the exterior of your home. Select from hues of gray, tan or red to create the custom look you want, and consider patterns of various colors to add a rich appearance to your home's exterior. You can choose to add stone to just the front of your home, reserving the sides and rear of the house for traditional vinyl siding, or you can completely cover the home in this beautiful stone-inspired siding. Look for vinyl or polyurethane construction for a low--maintenance addition to your home.

Shaker Siding

If you like traditional beauty but don't want long rows of plain siding to adorn your home, consider shaker siding instead. This type of siding features smaller pieces that overlap to create a classic look. The shakes can be found in a number of colors and styles, so you can add a few different shades for a textured look, or select one hue to cover the entire exterior of your home. Wood shaker siding is a traditional choice, while vinyl shakers offer the look of wood with the added benefits of being easier to care for.

Talk to your contractor about the look you want to achieve for your home, and work together to find the perfect look and materials to make your home look new again. Contact a company, like Four Seasons Home Products, for more help.