Comparing Asphalt And Clay Tiles

Redoing your roof is one of the most expensive, yet worthwhile home upgrades you can invest in. It might cost a low of money, but it is a smart decision if you need to make structural repairs to your deck, if your roof is leaking, or if you just want to completely overhaul the style of your home. There are quite a few roofing materials on the market. This article explains the difference between asphalt tiles and clay.

Asphalt and clay are two of the most popular roofing materials, and they have both been used on roofs for a long time. However, clay has been used for much longer. These are also two of the most affordable materials on the market. However, they have very different styles that you need to consider.

Asphalt Tiles

First of all, asphalt tiles are flat. They are basically thin, flexible, gritty, flat tile pieces that look kind of like sandpaper. They have a vinyl backing. Most homes buy a product that includes tiles of various colors. When all of these various (but similar) colors are combined on the roof, they create a nice, random pattern. It is important to realize it all asphalt piles are flat. They have no shape, but they come in a variety of sizes. Asphalt tiles are extremely popular for DIYers because they are so easy to install. Many asphalt products are adhesive-backed, so they can be installed onto your roof deck by just placing them down like a sticker.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are little more expensive than asphalt, but they are still one of the most affordable hard tile products. Importantly, clay tiles not only come in different sizes, they also have different shapes. Spanish style clay is probably the most popular. It is an extremely durable yet affordable option that has been used for roofing all over the world. Clay is obviously a little porous and brittle. So, it can break when it is walked down. Of course, you probably won't (and definitely shouldn't) be walking on your roof very often.

It is also going to realize that some clay tiles have a protective glaze. This glaze finish is going to waterproof the tiles, and prevent them from getting dirty. Ultimately, it is going to increase their lifespan and prevent fading. However, some people still like the natural look of raw clay. Both of these affordable and stylish products could look great on your home. They are very diverse, and can fit in with most home styles.

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