Two Ways To Create A Stone Bathtub

If you want to make your bathroom and little nicer and more luxurious, a stone bathtub is a great upgrade. If you currently have a precast fiberglass tub basin, upgrading to a stone tub is going to add style and distinction to your room. However, it is very important that you choose the right type of stone for your bathtub. That is, not all stones are practical and long lasting, especially in the moist environment of a bathtub. This article compares natural stone and ceramic tiles.

Natural Stones

Natural stones are always going to be popular, if only because homeowners love installing natural things in their home. And there are obviously various types of natural stone, but almost all of them all have very similar characteristics. That is, they will be durable, but they will need some upkeep because the surface is porous. Even a fine stone, like granite or quartz has a slightly porous surface. This means that it needs to be sealed to protect it from moisture. If you're Stone is not regularly sealed, it can absorb soap scum, And become a home to bacteria and mold. Basically, a stone bathtub needs to be refinished about once a year.

Ceramic Tiles

If you want the look of a stone bathtub, but don't want deal with the maintenance of stone, you can shop for ceramic products. There are many ceramic tiles that have stone prints and textures. These prints are made to mock all of the most popular stone products. For instance, you can find prints that look like natural quartz. You can find authentic looking slate tiles. You can even find marble finishes. Basically, there are few limitations when it comes to all of the great products on offer.

Some experts don't like ceramic tiles because they don't think that the print looks authentic. While most will be able to tell the difference between real stone and a printed ceramic product, they are willing happy to have the lower maintenance product.

Grout Needs Maintenance

It is also worth mentioning that grout lines, not matter if you ave stone or ceramic floors, are going to need to be sealed. Sealing grout lines is similar to resealing stone. So, some people figure that they might as well go with real stone since they are going to need to seal the stone anyway.

Regardless of which product you choose, you will love the style of stone bathtubs.