Ceramic Flooring Is A Diverse And Practical Product

As far as expensive home remodels go, redoing your floors is costly but cost-effective. That is, it is a great project because it offers a significant return on your investment when you consider how it can dramatically increase the value of your property. However, most people are going to be most excited about the great new style that new flooring is going to give that home. A new floor product is going to completely redefine the style of that room.

If you are looking for one of the most cost-effective home upgrades, you should consider ceramic tiles. This article explains exactly what ceramic tiles are, and why they are so perfect for residential home remodelers who have a limited budget.

Ceramic Styles

When it comes to ceramic tiles, most people immediately think of stone. However, ceramic tiles are made with many different prints and finishes. They also come in various sizes and styles. That is, you can find tile planks that look very similar to hardwood. Besides the natural stone finishes, fake hardwood is one of the most popular ceramic prints. Basically, no matter what style of floor you prefer, you will be able to find a ceramic product that satisfies your needs.

Ceramic Maintenance

Ceramic tiles are usually used as a substitute for natural products like stone and hardwood. They are a great alternative because they require far less maintenance than these natural materials. That is, ceramic tiles are waterproof and easy to take care of. They are going to last much longer than raw hardwood or natural stone, and they're going to be much cheaper to take care of over the years.

The finish on a ceramic tile is also going to be more fade resistant. That is, unlike it wood stain, it isn't going to wear down fade off over time. The fact that you never need to refinish ceramic floors is a huge factor because it will save you money.

Maintaining the Grout Lines

It is worth mentioning that ceramic tile is not zero maintenance. That is, you will need to do your part to keep up the grout lines. The actual tiles are extremely durable and don't require any sealing or refinishing, but grout lines are always going to be susceptible to water damage. Grout lines need to be resealed every couple of years. This sealing process is simple, but it can be costly. A bottle of grout sealant usually costs about $80.

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