Enhance The Look Of Your Master Bathroom With Several Remodeling Projects

Having functional bathrooms should be a priority in your home. But, when you know that all the features are working as intended, you may want to work on improving the looks. You can give your master bathroom a theme by adding certain decorations, but this may not be your goal.

While you can make a difference to the appearance with a huge remodel that includes replacing the shower, tub, toilet, and vanity, you can take a milder approach and enjoy great results.

Shower Backsplash

The shower backsplash is one area that you can change to improve the looks. If this area is hidden by a frosted shower door or a thick curtain, you should consider replacing them. Then, you can add subway, mosaic, or glass tile as the backsplash and be able to see it in the whole room.

This is when you can also make adjustments to the storage in the shower space. Improving looks is not just about enhancing the visual features, but reducing clutter for shower storage. A remodeling company can add built-in storage when they add the shower to the walls. To minimize costs, you can opt for a partial backsplash with a wide stripe along the back wall.

Mirror Framing

Another way that you can get creative to enhance the looks is by changing the mirror framing. Going from no frame to an intricate design will have an enormous impact on visual appeal. You can plan all the additions or changes together so that all the design choices mesh together.

If you have enough space in your master bath, you can go for a thick mirror frame. This will allow the mirror to have a large design where you can point out the details from far away.


Changing the hardware in the bathroom is also a smart idea. Going from chrome to brushed stainless steel can create a whole new look in the space when combined with other changes. This is also an ideal time to add new hardware such as towel bars and rings to store additional towels.


A standard undermount sink makes it difficult to give much character to the space. But, you can change this by switching to a vessel sink that stands out in the bathroom. You can pick a classic white bowl or go for a glass bowl if you are interested in having a modern-styled bathroom.

Investing in these remodeling projects will allow you to transform your master bathroom into something special without having to spend a lot of money. Get in touch with local bath design services to learn more.