Remodeling Tips To Help You Sell Your House Sooner—And For A Better Price

In order for your home to stand apart on the market, you may want to consider some residential remodeling. Talk with a real estate agent about your budget. As long as you aren't spending more than you can feasibly recoup, there are many good routes to take. Here are some ideas to get your started.

Start With Kitchen Upgrades

The Spruce says that homeowners should put their efforts into their kitchens since improvements in this area is more likely to create equity and help you recover money that went into the remodeling.

You don't have to knock down the architecture to make your kitchen more appealing. Many websites say that changing out old laminate countertops is a popular remodel. Look for high-quality material, like quartz or granite, if you have the budget for stone. HGTV says that even if you don't have the budget, you can still cut corners. Because granite countertops are so popular, you can often get a good discount on lower-tier granite, or you can buy stone that imitates the appearance of granite.

Other ways to improve your space could be to add pull-out drawers or pantries for ease of use, add LED lightening under the cabinets, or change out hardware on cabinet doors.

Open Up the Space

If you have a larger budget for remodeling, you may want to tackle the architecture by expanding a room—or creating an addition. Even if you have a small family yourself, homes with guest or spare bedrooms can do really well on the market.

More and more Millennials are moving home after college because of student debt and to save money while they look for homes of their own. The NY Post even says more people between 33 and 55 are even moving in with parents and grandparents than ever before due to the delay in marriage age, unemployment, and the need to help parents. As you can see, there is a great demand for homes that have a spare bedroom so that extended families can live together and not feel cramped.

Improve Bathroom Accessibility

Again, since more and more people are moving to help with aging parents or grandparents, remodeling that eases accessibility is a plus. The bathroom is a great place to start. Like the kitchen area, the bathroom is one of the top rooms to improve the home's equity and recoup costs.

If you have a tub, consider adding handrails or upgrading it to a walk-in tub with a bench. Many buyers don't care for a tub at all and would rather have a walk-in shower. These showers are easy to use and easy to clean. Walk-ins that have glass doors are chic, modern, and really open up the smaller space of the bathroom.

If you are on a strict budget, consider different upgrades instead. You could upgrade the toilet for a reasonable price. You could also update cabinet/door hardware and towel racks or paint the bathroom.

Don't Forget About Simple DIY Changes

If the previous ideas are too drastic for your budget, look into DIY options, like refinishing your flooring or painting your walls. Both of these projects are affordable, but they can still really transform a room. For instance, many home buyers are looking for blues and grays in their bathrooms and bedrooms. If you have wood flooring, consider refinishing it to make it look like new.

If you're looking to sell your home, talk to a real estate agent about what kind of improvements you can do to increase equity. Then, contact a residential remodeling contractor from companies like AA Painting in your area for ideas on how you can get started on the project.